Week 22 Meals for Moffett

Monday Meals for Moffett’s: This week is going to be crazy busy, with lots of traveling for mom’s docotor apointments and planning for our 4th of July Party. Tuesday I am in the clinic all day and then go to get mom for an early morning doctors appointment the next day, plus Kenny is at the firstation, so everyone is on their own. One of them even commented, ‘Oh, we are going to starve.”

Since my actual cooking will be spread out I decided to do all new recipes, except for Monday, I will let Kenny cook the Trout and I will do the sides. -I am working this week to be more dairy free. This means no cheese, my weakness- cheese and bacon make everything delicious. In the FASTer Way lifestyle, we do dairy free and gluten free. -Granny’s recipes I will post her original corn casserole, but I will substitute the cheese for nutritional yeast.

When Granny cooked she cooked to feed everyone. I still cook to feed a family of 5 plus others. This makes for great leftovers to take to lunch the next day or like when I am not home. Remember, I am not a registered dietician and I am not giving out FASTer Way meal plans. As a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss health coach, RN and ACE Certified Health coach these are recipes that I am wanting to try or have tried that work for me and my family with my carb cycle schedule. It’s progress not perfection. I am still working hard to dial in my nutrition.

Monday Kenny will sautee his trout. I actually have been watching how he does this and will attempt to write out the recipe. Mine never comes out as great as his. Here is the link to Hot Corn Casserole. Will get the trout recipe soon.

Tuesday remember they are starving. LOL

Wednesday New recipe. It’s carb day so we are loving our sweet potatoes. Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai

Thursday Happy Fourth of July- Briskets are smoking, Aunt Debbie is making her potato salad, Holly has the beans and I am planning to make Jenny’s Spinach Salad, but who knows this may change. Here is the link to the Potato Salad

Friday Cabbage and chicken seems to be an easy end of the week recipe. We love cabagge and sausage, so I figured why not chicken.

Saturday Not sure of our plans for Saturday. I will be coming home from mom’s, so we will make it real simple and do skewers or shish-ka-bobs. You don’t really need a recipe for this, except soak your skewers in water if you use the wooden kind. Fill each skewer with the meats and veggies you love. Then grill. Here is the Shrimp and Pineapple skewers we will be trying.

Sunday Bruschetta originally served as an appetizer in Italy. It is bread with olive oil and topped with tomatoes, garlic, meats or cheeses. This recipe has taken it up a notch and turned it into a dinner plate. Bruschetta chicken

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