Week 22 Meals for Moffetts

This week I am starting to link all my past menus from the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program I participated as a client and now a coach. I am not a registered dietician, but a mom, wife, nurse and health coach who love to cook. I am also someone who has struggled with eating enough calories and someone who has tried every diet in the books. The FWTFL has taught me how to eat and workout intentionally. My mindset has improved to progress over perfection. This has allowed me to still eat the cake or Reese’s cup on leg day or a special day. These meals are intended to give you ideas and are not approved by the FWTFL corporation or a registered dietician. I try to stick to whole food and a healthy plate.

Monday: Sauteed trout and hot corn casserole with broccoli. The one thing I did learn from the recipe Easy Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip is that I will need to decrease the water. She instructed you to use 3 cups of water to blend your ingredients and add the 4th cup of water as needed. I used the 3 but found this to still be too watery for the Hot Corn Casserole I was making. Trial and error. Next time I will start with 2, I needed the cheese sauce to be thicker, like cheese whiz.

Tuesday: starving family I’m out of town.

Wednesday: Kenny was skeptical about this recipe. Looked gross, but it was delicious. Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Tai plus simple to make

Thursday: Fourth of July BBQ with brisket, potato salad and baked beans. Sister n law’s famous potato salad. I brought Jenny’s spinach salad. Who doesn’t like Trisha Yearwoods baked beans.

Friday: Cabbage and chicken delicous and easy to make.

Saturday: Shrimp and pineapple skewers. Put meat on a stick with fruits and veggies you have yourself a meal.

Sunday: Brushetta Chicken

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