You Have It In You

We were walking yesterday evening and I normally take a picture here and there of our dogs, the water, the sunset and our adventurous normal boring life. Kenny and I were enjoying our neighbor hood walk down the bay shore and having a great conversation, so I asked him to put my phone in his pocket. Right that’s what he’s here for, to hold my phone, my drink, or my purse. LOL!

Sadie and Stitch, our yellow lab and black not sure what, but is the sweetest dog you will ever met were running ahead of us, like they normally do. One thing to know about West End Galveston in my neighborhood, is we do not have paved roads and our houses are not lined up right next to each other; we have pastures, cows, horses, longhorns, camels in the summer and peacocks. Lots of peacocks.

Well Kenny and I were in deep conversation when we were startled by Stitch’s deep bark and her bolting off ahead of us. We stopped to watch her run across the neighbor’s yard and Kenny pointed and hollered about the time the squawking started.

The peacocks are normally not on our street in the 20 plus years we have been here. Today however, there was a pair roaming free in the yards and on our street, that our dogs think they own. They don’t bite just bark and lick ya, no manners.

I have never seen a peacock actually fly. One peacock took off across the pasture into the horse’s pen, while one decide to try to out run Stitch. I am staring in disbelief at how fast this peacock is running. Stitch realizes one is running, so she did a 360 and started the chase.

By this time we are hollering at Stitch to stop. I am hollering for the peacock to run faster and before we could say anything else it took flight. The problem now is this bird is huge and it’s direct flight pattern was straight up into the power lines.

Fly peacock! fly! was I could think of with that quick arrow prayer of please don’t let the dog catch this bird.

Watching this purplish blue bodied bird fly right over our heads, avoiding the power lines, a dog that chases every bird it sees and across a canal of water was spectacular. It was pretty magnificent. This is when I wish I had my camera ready.

To look up less than 20 feet above you and see the wing span, the beautiful feathers fluttering in the wind and to watch it effortlessly glide once it launched, was one of those moments you don’t forget.

One I didn’t know they could actually fly. Two I think these are one of the most beautiful birds God created. Kind of in the category of the unicorn, too beautiful and magical to be real, but they are. And yes, I know unicorns are not real.

My friends, the unicorn are not real, but someone created it in their imagination. You can create your life, your day, or yourself into whatever you want to be. God created you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14

You have the beauty of the peacock and it’s strength to fly. It’s in you. You have to find it.

You have the strength to improve your health and wellness. It starts with you wanting to improve or change. It starts with you not quitting on yourself. It starts with you believing you are meant for greater things and that all is possible.

One thing I do know is my love and joy I find in my faith. It keeps me grounded and strong when I want to quit. I know the FASTer Way has given me the plan to help me live out my life not on diet. The FASTer Way also showed me how bold action, generosity, excellence and integrity can be lived out in my everyday life.

Life, is meant to be enjoyed and lived in a positive mindset and heart. In the middle of all the split second chaos on this evening walk, there was still beauty, magic and fun filling our daily life. It is in you the strength, the love, the kindness, the joy, the peace and adventures.

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