Speak Up or Move On

I have finally started listening to You are a Badass.  Very interesting title, and how Jen Sincero relates growth coming from God and your purpose.  I am only on chapter 4 and loving this.

 Once she started mentioning God and how you cannot imagine the greatness, He has for you, I knew this was going to be a book that I was going to love.

The part of keeping your mouth shut around negative people or people who complain all the time I partially agree with. 

Yes, it is good to keep your mouth shut at times, so you do not go join in with the gossip, complaining and basically filling your head and mouth with all that negativity. 

There are times when you need to step up and remove yourself from the situation or speak up and let the person know you are not interested in this type of talk.  

To ensure you remain in a positive mindset and heart you may have to trim the vines and decrease the time you spend around these negative nellies.  

This means you may lose friends or family. Creating your positive circle of influence will allow for you to grow and lead by example of being the person who is positive, kind and uplifting to others.

People will wonder, mmmmm, what or why is she so positive and full of joy?  Just keep mouth shut and keep leading by example of the person you know you are. Someone who loves the human race and has a heart of God.

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