Week 1/13/2020

Working at a Trade Day Market yesterday I had a wonderful compliment. I had someone stop and talk with me and when I asked if she had any questions her response was surprising. She asked, “Where are your meal plans you used to post?”

My response, “Uh, well I haven’t been doing them. “

In reality I can give you a multitude of excuses. Busy holiday season, it’s time consuming, I honestly didn’t think anyone was using them, it’s the same meals rotating and the list goes on.

In all honesty, I do love to cook. Planning not so much, but I love new recipes and I do love to share with you healthy new recipes I find. So here is to old friends, new friends, past, current and soon to be clients and family. Meal time is for reconnecting, establishing and builiding the realtionships you cherrish.

I am a RN, ACE CHC and certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach. My disclaimer – these meals are not associated with the FWTFL. I am also not a registered dietician. The recipes are for your enjoyment and to give you ideas. The recipes will follow the FWTFL carb cycle and are similar to what we eat in the FASTer Way, carb, protein, and fat. Get your FREE 5 day meal plan from the FASTer Way button below.

You will see the recipe is linked to the original creator of the recipe. I do not receive comission when you click. So, here’s to happy clicking and cooking.

Monday-Paleo Bibimbap Bowls – Pork/veggies- NEW. I had to research what was a bibimbap bowl. Bibimbap is a large bowl of rice topped with an array of individually prepared vegetables and meat and served with a gochujang  sauce. Bibim means mixing, and bap means rice. The mixing usually happens at the table by the diner. (1)

Tuesday-Tacos Zucchini Boats

Wednesday-Buffalo Chicken Nachos Sweet Potatoes

Thursday-Shish kebab-venison and veggies with brown rice


Saturday-Salsibury steak metaballs and mashed potatoes -New I am using venison. This link gives you the directions for oven, insta pot, and crock pot. You guessed my chocie -crock pot. I haven’t figured out the insta pot yet; in fact I took mine back.

Sunday-One pan chicken, new potatoes and green beans

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