Controlling Your Fears

When stress and turmoil come into our lives, it can be hard to find the peace and reassurance we need, but it’s not impossible. If we let ourselves stay in a place of anxiety and worry, it makes our circumstances much harder to endure.

Fear holds you back from finding your joy and peace. I find my peace in my faith.

Learning what you can and cannot control is important to your mental health and physical well being. If you are so wrapped up in what others are doing or not doing you will be stressing yourself out.

Take a breath and look around at what you can control.

Focusing on what if, when will it, and the future during this time is allowing fear to creep into your thoughts and steal the joy you can find with your family and faith. 

Self inventory your thoughts, create your routine for your family, practice common sense and good hygiene, self grace, and progress over perfection when it comes to planning your meals and getting your workouts in. .

Take time today to live in the present.

Look for one thing your are grateful for today………………..
Look for one thing you appreciate about your body (because you are breathing and living). ……………..
Look for one goal to live life in the present today…………….

Start each day in a thankful mindset and focus on the good in your life.

Here are a few tips to start adding to your daily routine:

  • Stay in the present and make the most of it. Focusing on the future and what you cannot control only creates more stress in your everyday life. Live for today with your loved ones.
  • Control what you let in. Be careful about what you allow yourself to think and bring into your life. 
  • Move your body!  It helps relieve stress and emotions that can easily get the best of us. Take care of YOU!
  • Lean into your faith. No matter what you believe in, use that to help you and those you love through these challenging and uncertain times.
  • Connect with family and friends. Regular phone calls, texts, and Facetime chats can be so powerful when you feel isolated. Make sure you are taking the time to connect with them and show them you care. We are blessed to have the technology that we do!

Stay healthy, happy and hopeful. I would love to hear how you are creating your new normal and tips for staying in a positive mindset.

XO Cheryl

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