Getting Uncomfortable

Conquering your fear.  You will be uncomfortable if you want to see change. 

Change comes with finding it in yourself to keep going when all you want to do is quit. 

Just because no one is watching you when you do your workouts and you still have 20 burpees to go, and you are thinking no one knows what number I’m on; I can stop?   Been there lady. 

Don’t quit! You’re only giving up on yourself.   So, keep working on being uncomfortable.

Tracking food is another area we want to be easy.  I didn’t sign up for the confusion of learning what a macro is or figuring out how to manipulate my carbs and fats.

 You slowly stop adding in the extra drink and piece of cake.  This turns into you throwing your hands up and quitting on yourself.

It comes down to you owning what you eat and taking responsibility, learning how to manage your food, macros, and still enjoying life takes practice.

It will become easier.   You just can’t give up on yourself when it becomes uncomfortable.   

Learning the FASTer Way To Fat Loss was difficult at first.  It was challenging and uncomfortable.  I would have never thought I would still be here conquering my fears.

My fear of failing.

 Changing my mindset from the all or nothing thinking to progress over perfection was the one huge.  With the all or nothing thinking I was always quitting on myself.

 Letting go of what others think of me another big fear I am overcoming. “What other people think of you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.” Jen Sincero. – Lightbulb.   

The excuses of not having time, it’s too complicated, or I know what to do I lack motivation is the easy way out of facing your fear of change. 

It will be uncomfortable at first.  But, believe me it will be worth your effort and your time.

You will become empowered and stronger everyday if you put in the work. 

Uncomfortable will become your motivation to learn progress not perfection in life, because you will see the change.

Make the decision to improve your health, don’t just try.

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